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///LIVE MUSIC AT THE SPACE/// Mndsgn/Ahnnu/Ages/Ahwlee/DTCPU

This Sunday, December 30th 2012, come down to Space15Twenty for some amazing live beats, visuals and good vibes. 

Get down to some experimental hip-hop beats by Mndsgn, Los Angeles based producer all the way from the east coast. Also performing is Ahnnu, who makes some of the most beautifully spaced out soundscapes coming out of LA. Ahwlee is another one of my favorites who makes some lovely hip-hop instrumentals. Ages makes very beautiful experimental beats and incorporates his guitar into his live sets to create a truly unique listening experience. DTCPU, the beats nomad, will also be gracing us with some droned, spaced out sounds. You will definitely not want to miss this show. There will be many surprises from the artists.

We are also lucky enough to have Miko Revereza do visuals for the show. His use of layered VHS images are always amazing.






Ages- Lisa from miko revereza on Vimeo.

dreamspace - 12.27.2012 File under - dreamspace


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Jan 31 2015 11:00AM-01:30PM
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Jan 31 2015 07:00PM
Busy-Being presents: "Poison Valley", an art exhibition by LAND

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