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reVerb Rundown: JCCG

JCCG - Certamente (click the link to listen)

Where you feel strange and there hasn't been a telephone ring or door bell ring or church bell ring to snap you out of your very skull for days. I know what you mean, says JCCG. JCCG is the work of the Portugal based somebody who can relate with everything.

Where you feel strange and the instincts of your skull won't admit the worms and goblins of the senses. And down the rocks of time your skull mind skips across time river stones. And your senseless skull takes shadows for senses. And replaces gaps of time memory with made up things. Where you feel like there's an error in the plot line. Like rotten bugs and goblins took to you and your mindless as ever.

verbreverb - 03.26.2012 File under - Music, verbreverb


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Mar 6 2015 06:00PM
Lola Blanc live performance

Join us this Friday for a live performance from music sensation Lola Blanc

Opening DJ set by Miss Glitt3r

complimentary drinks provided by House Beer 

Friday March 6th
6PM - 9PM

1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles 90028