Space 15 Twenty


Space 15 Twenty Presents... "Strange Magic"

Space 15 Twenty Presents... Strange Magic: An Art Show and Installation by Tavi Gevinson of Rookie and Petra Collins of The Ardorous

Opening party on Saturday, July 21st 7-10 pm

On view from July 21st - July 28th

Space 15 Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

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On June 25th, the Rookie Road Trip— including Rookie founder and editor-in-chief Tavi Gevinson and Rookie photographer and founder of The Ardorous Petra Collins—pulled out of New York. Three weeks and 16 cities later, the magic road trip van has pulled in to paradise, a.k.a, Los Angeles.

Now that they are in L.A., Tavi and Petra are excited to present Strange Magic, a week-long art show, installation, pop-up shop and series of events at Urban Outfitters' Space 15 Twenty. Strange Magic is a love letter to friendship and fandom, specifically as viewed through the eyes of a teenage girl. "On a very surface level, this is just what our fantasy world would look like," Tavi explains. "Visually, we kept in mind references that seemed related to the same ideas about friendship, fandom, human connection, and the personal creation of a fantasy world, like The Virgin Suicides and cults of the '60s and '70s."

Petra has curated a selection of thematic works from her all-female art collective The Ardorous, and a central piece of the show is a giant shrine constructed from teenage memorabilia collected along the Road Trip route. "We asked readers coming to our meet-ups to bring some kind of souvenir of their own teenagerhood that we could use in the installation," Tavi says. "I'm most excited about this element because we got to hear the stories behind each one."

The show is also a default homage to Petra and Tavi's own friendship and ever-evolving creative collaboration. "Petra and I are both drawn to the connect, or disconnect, between the female experience and what is sold as the female experience," Tavi says. "So, there's a bit of camp in what we create together, because I think we're both a little intrigued by the cheesy, marketed idea of girlhood. Combining this with an attempt to capture or create moments that are about less obvious beauty makes for work that excites and challenges us."
Events during the week-long exhibit will include zine and flower crown making workshops, a movie night, story hour with Rookie writers reading their work and a live Q&A with Rookie idol Mindy Kaling. The closing event is a school-dance themed party with a live performance by Bleached.

July 21- July 28
Space 15 Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Opening Party
Sat. July 21

Flea Market
Sun. July 22

TV Marathon Slumber Party
Mon. July 23

DIY Night: Flower crown making
Tues. July 24

Movie Night
Wed. July 25

You Asked It: A live Q&A with Rookie favorite Mindy  Kaling
Thurs. July 26

Story Hour: Rookie writers read out loud
Fri. July 27

Closing party: A good old-fashioned school dance
Sat. July 28th
Special Performance by Bleached
8 pm

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