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Hennessey + Ingalls x Phaidon Press Present an Evening with Stephen Shore

Hennessey + Ingalls x Phaidon Press Present an Evening with Stephen Shore

A presentation of images from his new book "From Galilee to the Nagev" will be on display plus signed copies of his books to be purchased before the official release date.

Thursday, April 24th 7-10 pm

7 pm slideshow presentation plus reception and signing to follow.

Space 15 Twenty Courtyard
Hennessey + Ingalls
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Stephen Shore is a pioneering photographer and influential teacher. From Galilee to the Negev is an intimate portrait of a multi-faceted place, exploring the landscape of Israel and the West Bank; its complexities and its contradictions. Shore traveled the length and breadth of the region, questioning and revealing through his camera lens. His visual inquiry explores the landscape itself and the people who live in it – the daily lives and the narratives that combine to create this fascinating place – at once beautiful and ugly, safe and hostile. A selection of texts by a diverse range of writers – who have each selected one photograph as a spring board – will be interspersed amongst the photographs, offering a gathering of voices and perspectives.

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What's Happening: "No Skateboarding" Book Signing by Mathias Fennetaux

No Skateboarding Book Signing by Mathias Fennetaux

Thursday, April 17th 7-10 pm

With live music by Lube & Froth

Tunes by DJ Falcon & Daz + Friends

Free and all ages!

No Skateboarding book Exhibition at Les Docks, Cité de la mode et du design, Paris 13e from Mathias Fennetaux on Vimeo.

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In the courtyard of Space 15 Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

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What's Happening: The Farmhouse Publishing Presents... "Shoot it Yourself" Book Release Party

The Farmhouse Publishing Presents… "Shoot it Yourself" Book Release Party and Show Sunday, April 13th 4 - 8 pm

Music by:
- Bouquet
- TUNA (dj)

Food by:
- Pure Luck Pop Up
- Clara Cakes

FREE admission
Limited capacity
Pre-order the book to jump the line

More info:
Book photographs: Ignacio Galvez Photography
RSVP via Facebook here.

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Space 15 Twenty (Hennessey + Ingalls)
1520 Cahuenga Blvd
LA, CA 90028

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What's Happening: Ma Yansong Book Signing Presented by Hennessey + Ingalls

Ma Yansong of MAD Architects Book Signing Presented by Hennessey + Ingalls

Thursday, April 10th 6:30 - 9 pm

In the Courtyard of Space 15 Twenty
Hennessey + Ingalls
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

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What's Happening: LA ART BOOK FAIR 2014 Presented by Printed Matter

Printed Matter’s

January 31 - February 2, 2014
Opening: Thursday, January 30, 2014, 6–9 pm

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 N Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012
LAABF on Facebook 

Printed Matter, Inc. presents the second annual LA Art Book Fair, from January 31 through February 2, 2014, at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Downtown LA. 

Free and open to the public, Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair is a unique event for artists’ books, catalogs, monographs, periodicals, and zines presented by more than 260 presses, antiquarians, artists, and independent publishers from 19 countries.

The LA Art Book Fair is the companion fair to the NY Art Book Fair, held every fall in New York City. Over 26,000 artists, book buyers, collectors, dealers, curators, independent publishers, and other enthusiasts attended the NY Art Book Fair in 2013.


Join us on Thursday, January 30, from 6 to 9 pm, at the Geffen Contemporary for a three-hour opening night preview, with a performance by 2014 Whitney Biennial artist Donelle Woolford, an outdoor stage programmed by KCHUNG Radio, and more. 

After previewing the fair, join us at the official LA Art Book Fair Opening NightAfter Party, presented with 356 Mission & Ooga Booga. 

Visit for details on this and other special events.

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Event Recap: Globe Pop-Up Shop Opening Party and Film Screening

Thanks to Globe and  everyone who came out for the launch of their Pop-Up shop at Space 15 Twenty! It was definitely a warm and fun experience on a cold night out in LA.

The Globe Pop Up store is open 12PM-8PM through Sunday November 24th. Check out the rest of the party pics here:

Follow Globe on Instagram: @globebrand #PopUpGetDown
Globe Pop-Up Store at Space 15 Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90028
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Reads: Mass Appeal

With a foundation in creative instigation, Mass Appeal magazine was spawned from the tattooed walls and ink stained subways of a now bygone ear. Founded by Patrick Elasik (1979-2005) and Adrian Moeller in 1996, what began as a graffiti zine evolved into much more, a publication truly by and for opinion leaders, trendsetters, risk takers and rule breakers.

Mac Miller and Schoolboy Q take the cover on Issue 53, with a duo interview about their ongoing careers. Discussing how they first met and most importantly, how they have grown together as artists in the music industry.

With Mass Appeal's deep roots in urban culture, they spoke with the respected designers behind the streetwear brands that have taken their passion into a reality. Jeff Staple and Grotesk share each of their stories and how they have learned from starting a business that fell into their laps. 

Jeff Staple encourages his supporters and young artists, "to recognize when one [opportunity] is in your face-and then grab it. [I] think thats the skill set that young people should try to develop."

Well said, Jeff.

Having your work recognized as a graffiti artist is essential. Sabekst and Kazewar took their signature tag to the next level, by writing their name in lights. Their ongoing photography project series has taken them from New York and other major cities. Equipped with LED lights and a camera set for long exposures, these artists have documented their graffiti through photographs.

From the words of Editorial Director, Sacha Jenkins, this issue is packed. As much as I would like to feature all of my favorites from this magazine, it's something worth holding in your own hands. With a strong background in hip-hop culture, Mass Appeal has generated a dialogue taken from the streets on different perspectives of music, art and style. From the looks of the magazine, you may judge that it only caters to the youth culture. But thats not what it's about. Mass Appeal is about forward thinking and being an influence part-taking today's creative social culture.

Purchase Mass Appeal online or at our Hennessey + Ingalls shop.

Mass Appeal

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1520 North Cahuenga Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA 90028 

Maria DeGuzman

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New Reads: Tune Magazine

Having street style does not automatically mean that, anything worn on the streets is not considered street style or street wear. Rather there is no exact blueprint to be categorized as having street style.

Then, what is street style?

Street style is defined by what is not generic.

Tune magazine is a Japanese based magazine with a collection of authentic street style photos. Japan is one of the major growing fashion hubs worldwide. In a country filled with exhilarating energy, culture, and an incredible amount of consumerism- each of these photographs narrate a story.

That is what art is suppose to do, right? The purpose of art is to speak. Whether art is speaking to you, or speaking for you- its quite a feeling. Dressing up each day is an art form expression. Its up to you to use your own voice.

Despite your own personal taste, you have to admit that after looking at these photos, street style is an undeniable recognizable look that does not discriminate race, age or gender. It is an unspoken agreement to artists worldwide.

Purchase the Tune magazine online or at our Hennessey + Ignalls.

Tune Magazine
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1520 North Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Maria DeGuzman

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New Reads: Offscreen

Offscreen is an ‘old-fashioned’ magazine in high-quality print, exploring the life and work of people that create websites and apps. They tell the less obvious human stories of creativity, passion and hard work that hide behind every interface.

Finally! An insight on creators, and specialists a part of the new technology that we use everyday in our work life and simply making life easier. In Issue 6, they spoke to designer and start-up advisor Daniel Burka, Adobe's vice-president of products Jeff Even, The Verge co-founder and editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky; indie artist and Big Cartel co-founder Matt Wigham; Tumblr's Berlin-based director for international development, Jenna Brinning; and Jon Lax, co-founder of Canadian digital agency Teehen+Lax. 

Benefits of a messy desk: Creativity! You'd be surprise to find out how most of these digital designers keep their space not so tidy. Post-it notes, sketches, and gadgets- everything to keep them stimulating for new ideas.

Multi-tasking in between projects and answering Skype conference calls is just a small dosage of what goes on, on a daily basis for pixel artist and code wizards.

Offscreen is a different take on exploring and discovering the fundamentals of digital products by revealing it off screen- in a tangible print magazine. Reading it in a physical copy brings a human connection and goes beyond than just reading the "About" section of the website. Kai Brach, publisher and web designer, has found the marriage between technology and the web to bring a valuable experience to print magazines. From discussing ideas and personal stories to collaborations and digital designer's ambitions- Offscreen magazine provides a tasteful and intelligent approach to savvy and curious internet users worldwide.

Photos courtesy of Fabian Tempel and Harald Volkl.

You can purchase Offscreen Magazine at our Hennessey + Ingalls store or online.

Offscreen Magazine

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1520 North Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Maria DeGuzman

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What's Happening: Ravens Nest Coopoerative: An Afternoon Delight

Ravens Nest Cooperative II

WHEN: Sunday September 22nd 11am-3pm

WHERE: Space15Twenty 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90028

Featuring an amazing array of local designers, artists, services, skincare and other beautiful things curated by Ravens Nest Cooperative.

Do your Sunday shopping at the Hollywood Farmers Market, then stop by for some awesome tunes, refreshments, healing, tarot readings, shopping and photo booth fun!

RSVP through Facebook.

. . .

- "Future Told, About to Unfold"~Tarot & Oracle Readings

FELICIA WILLOW  - One of a Kind Jewelry ranging from delicate, earthy & organic, to bold statement pieces

ORION WILLOW ENERGY GARDENS - Living Succulent arrangements that incorporate Healing Crystals & Other Natural Items, such as Coral, each of which possess different energetic & healing properties. Designed & made with love by Felicia Willow & Jordan Ender

MEGAN GROSZ - Reiki - a hands-on healing modality that promotes balance in the body and mind.

ALEXIS N RYAN -  A fun & timeless vintage inspired clothing line for men & women, designed by Brittany Saberhagan.

- Fresh, Natural, Affordable Skincare

- Photography

COZMIC DREAMER - Kimonos, Backpacks, Purses & Utility Belts from around the world. Re-purposed Vintage T-Shirts

- art activist who uses ballpoint pen to render life-size images of animals and humans with the intent to bridge the gap between these two life forms on our planet.

PURV - Vintage Housewares, Shoes & Accessories

- A Chic Solution for a bad hair day! Turbans, Scarves & Headbands

  - Refreshing Iced Teas & Elixirs


**Private Tarot Card readings offeredfrom 11-3pm
($20-Each individual reading is 10-15 minutes.)

**Private, 30 minute Reiki Healing Treatments offered (By donation) from 11-3pm. By Appointment Only. Email to book your appointment now.

**Metered parking is available, as well as several paid lots.The closest lot is located on Sunset/Ivar (LA Film School lot)

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