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Simple Fall

Fall is a simple season with little effort needed to put into an outfit and it still looks polished. Although most would gravitate towards wearing beige, ox blood or pumpkin spice for fall, Maja shows us how to pull off the art of monochromatic layering.
All accessories are by Flux Atelier.


Anne - 09.12.2014 File under - Fashion

Lykke Li | & Other Stories

Lykke Li just came out with a collab collection with no other but Swedish branch & Other Stories. Inspired by a nomadic need for a versatile wardrobe to suit her traveling lifestyle.

The collection crafted in high quality materials makes a timeless and iconic uniform.

I quote Lykke Li "It's been a dream of mine to have the perfect leather sac filled with the bare essentials, like a true nomad ready for business, and Stories gave me that chance. This collection is my version of that lifesaving sack and will be my uniforn until I die."

Sadly & Other Stories does not ship to the US.

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Weekend with boyfriend

For some, a weekend with their boyfriend is a night out at a restaurant or a night in with a romantic movie.  Anne photographs a relaxed and fashionable way to spend a weekend with the babe.  From playing a game of  basketball in Venice Beach, exploring Westwood to having drinks while watching the sunset over the City of Angels.

“Weekend with Boyfriend” features outfits from Urban Outfitters and vintage clothing.


Anne - 09.05.2014 File under - Fashion

Sawa Takai | Spring/Summer 2015

Sawa Takai founded her namesake label with her sister Rie in New York in 2012. Her designs are heavily influenced by menswear, stemming from her work experience with Engineerd Garments in NY and Guiliano Fujiwara in Milan. 

Here is her Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Light fabrics but tailed garments, seems like the perfect combination for LA weather.

Photographer: Dan McMahon

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coco - 09.04.2014 File under - Clothes, Fashion

She & Her

Bloggers and best friends Makenzi Koyen and Jordan Neslund are the masterminds behind the blog She & Her.

One residing in Los Angeles and the other in Tacoma Washington, both girls share their love for fashion, food and films even though they are 1,000 miles apart.

Both girls display easy laid-back looks that's very reminiscent of casual New York/Parisian style. 

Be sure to check out their instagram @sheandher_

EboneeShanay - 09.03.2014 File under - Fashion, Parties

My So-Called Life

Sigh...It's Back to School already, but there is no better way to ease into school life then deciding what your fall style will be.

We Love My So Called Life! Teen drama! Jordan Catalano! Plaids! Angela Chase! Lace dresses!

Get inspired...

All clothing available at Urban Renewal | Space15Twenty

Photographer - Anne Yano
Model - Krysten Morales & River Ortega
Hair & Makeup - Aubrey Bazan

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Urban Renewal | Space15Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
LA, CA 90028

Anne - 08.29.2014 File under - Fashion, Urban Renewal

Ambush | Montage

Thought I show some more of my love for Japanese fashion.
Power couple Yoon and Verbal of Ambush have been around for quite a while mostly known for their POW chains.
Their new collection entitled "Montage" is a beautiful mixture of African trobal pieces and grunge.
I love their use of different metals, stones and plastics. New and bold colours, just keeping it fresh.
You can purchase everything on their website.

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coco - 08.28.2014 File under - Fashion

This Internship Life

Life as a fashion intern isn't always peaches and cream, but Angelina shows us how to look effortlessly cool while tackling all of her pesky tasks!

Photographer - Anne Yano
Model - Angelina Werner
Makeup & Hair - Aubrey Bazan
Stylist - Mariam Melik

. . .

Anne - 08.22.2014 File under - Fashion

Something For The Eye | Tokyo Street Style

Tokyo street style is what got me into fashion. I remember the moment my little sister introduced it to me and I was just speechless and we would buy every Fruits Magazine. Since then I always turn to Tokyo when I don't know what to wear.

One of my favorite sites is Drop Tokyo I love their selection and their photography.
Here's a selection of some recent shots.

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coco - 08.21.2014 File under - Fashion, People

VBL #hooperparadise x Alexandra

We LOVE Venice Basketball League!


Anne - 08.15.2014 File under - Events, Fashion


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