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Champion x UO exclusive

Athletic brand Champion had partnered up with Capsule Show for an exclusive collection for Urban Outfitters.
The Champion Select collection features collaborations with designers Wood Wood, Timo Weiland and Craig Green.  The collection is available at our Activation Space located inside of Space15Twenty's Urban Outfitters.

“The collaboration brings to life a modern interpretation of the Champion brand as envisioned by three prominent independent fashion designers -- Timo Weiland from New York, Craig Green from London and Wood Wood from Copenhagen – each chosen for their unique design aesthetics. The Champion Select collection includes elevated, fashion-forward active wear looks for men and women utilizing heritage Champion fabrications and branding. Each of the designers began their process by visiting the Champion archives for inspiration, and selecting their favorite fabrications to use for their capsule collections.”

The Champion Select instillation will be open from January 23rd to March 9th


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CROSLEY Record Player

Another drizzling day in Los Angeles. I believe I’m not the only one feeling a little bit depressed. But a rainy day can be a perfect opportunity to dig up some good oldies. Let's play your favorite songs with a Crosley turntable!

You will instantly start to feel better when you play Jazz legend Louis Armstrong vinyls on your turntable.

Get your very own Crosley online or in-stores!

Model - Alex Johnson

Photographer - Anne Yano

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Agenda Show

After a grueling hour drive from Hollywood, we finally arrived at the Agenda Show in Long Beach.  Once inside we wandered around, mainly from being lost and not being able to read a simple map, but also in awe at the 750+ brands that was there.

Agenda Show started in 2003 with 30 brands and has now grown into a massive trade show that features over 1,000 brands in Long Beach, New York and Vegas.

Each brand at Agenda has their own creative look, promo, style etc. and we fell in love with a few brands.  Some new and some well known.


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Recap S.N.O.W: A Social Night of Winter

How do you celebrate winter?  Going out in the snow?  or going to an event called S.N.O.W?
If you missed a Social Night Of Winter (SNOW) hosted by Brewing Happiness and The Dinner Party Association, then you missed out on a night of cookies, specialty cocktails, music and good times!


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Hui-Yu | Leave Me Alone

Just stumbled upon this really great editorial shoot by french photographer Hui-Yu Chen.

Styled by Shin Chin Chang with pieces by Exocet Paris, Carven, COS, Dries Van Noten and Vanessa Bruno.
Hair and make-up by Anaïs Jean-Louis.

. . .


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Weekend Recap: Steed Lord

Steed Lord rocked the house on Friday and if you weren't there then no worries we have you covered with this recap!
From amazing vocals to visual effects, Steed Lord put on an unforgettable show and introduced us to their new single "Stutter".
Check it out below!

Photos by Anne Yano

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Just my luck that I have the most creative friends, my good friend Michaël Smits recently shot this editorial for KUMOBAKUDAN magazine.
These photos speak for themselves so I don't need to say much, but what a great collaboration between Michaël and Maiko Gubler.

Photographer : Michaël Smits @ THE BOOK agency
Stylist : Jan Konings
MUAH: Eva De Keersmaeker
Model: Nicolas Sheltens @ REBEL model management
3D Objects/Set : Maiko Gubler
Photo Assistant : Rosemarijn Bolraap

. . .


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New Reads: Gather Journal

Gather Journal is a recipe-driven magazine dedicated to the aspects of gathering: to dine, drink, harvest, and cook. Designed to inspire and to last.

This Spring/Summer 2014 desert issue, uses the keyword "Caravan" as a guide to spark creativity in an array of recipes using ingredients from the desert inspired by destinations near and far.

Being passionately curious about food, I always plan my trips around tasting new dishes and cuisines shared with others. Food tastes better on an adventure. Picture this: You're resting in a blanket underneath the night sky, listening to the quiet symphony of the desert. Your hunger gives you perspective on the world.

Below are some food and drink recipes I found interesting:

Whether you turn to the desert for an oasis or a retreat, it brings you closer to reflect on the outdoors and the nature within yourself.

If you want to purchase Gather Journal, stop by Hennessey + Ingalls or shop online.



. . .

1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
LA, CA 90028

Maria DeGuzman

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Ryu Matias Interview

In a digital world filled with instant gratification, people have lost touch with developing film photography. Ryu Matias only knows film photography. Shooting in film, Ryu has realized the importance in each shot. He shares how he got started with photography and advice on being a freelance photographer.

Full interview below...


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Urban Renewal: Fashion Friday

Model Zsipporah Jones shows us how to stay effortlessly cool in sexy summer sleep shirts and of course Birkenstocks! Swing by Urban Renewal at Space15Twenty and shop all of these super cute styles. . .



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Jan 31 2015 11:00AM-01:30PM
Busy-Being presents: Herbal Honey Workshop with Botanicals Folklorica

Join us as Busy-Being presents an Herbal Honey Workshop with Botanicals Folklorica

Click here for more details and to sign up

Jan 31 2015 07:00PM
Busy-Being presents: "Poison Valley", an art exhibition by LAND

Busy-Being is excited to present a solo exhibition by the LAND boys; artist duo Ryan Rhodes and Caleb Owen Everitt for their first ever Los Angeles show. Alongside the exhibition will be a Texas Makers Market featuring goods by: Cobra Rock Boot Company / Fort Lonesome / Botanicals Folklorica / Ana Klausmann / Traveller Denim Co. / Mason McFee / Fortuna Monsoon / Marfa Brands / Miranda Bennett Studio / Folk Fibers / and PFAU

For more event details click here