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PORTALS Traveling Showcase: Los Angeles, CA w/ 6BIT

The DIT (do it together) music blog PORTALS is hosting an outdoor party at Space 15 Twenty on Saturday June 2nd in the courtyard with 10 PORTALS adored artists.

With a debut live set from Mister Lies, a TV Girl performance just after the release of their full-length record, Slow Magic's first ever LA gig, and performances by 7 others who have made So Cal music noteworthy, the day in California sun isn't to be missed.

Come make PORTALS LA yours. 

PORTALS LA :: June 2nd 2012 :: 2-10 PM :: Space 15 Twenty, 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028


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In The Sun: TV GirlDreams, Mister Lies,Slow Magic,HoneydripStaGEliotMirror LadyDifferent Sleep, and Tuesday Glass.

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reVerb Rundown: Linear Bells

Linear Bells - Solar Flake In My Moth (click the link to listen)

Continuous until uncomfortable. In the 6 minutes and 44 excessively magnetic seconds of "Solar Flare In My Mouth", permanence is caught. French composer Linear Bells' An Islandis now available via the Swedish tape label Zeon Light.

The linear electric sound of a light on midway, split hair ends skittering between shoulder blades, sunned vision that makes vision look like semi-transparent felt, the cleanliness of ill people holding spaces, the eternal roar of city beepers, the ghostliness of commonplace conversation. The uninterrupted loop of, unending until uncomfortable. 

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reVerb Rundown: SELA

Sela - "ericofsyracuse" (click the link to listen)

The bed-time stories that don’t go to sleep. The sage green colored mystery dreams. The mystery 5 song tunneled-in melody release from SELA, take Men Have Secrets, But No Mystery into your own hands, here.

Swallowed in by a sage green dream with an adult bed-time story. Undersea a tunnel who sank all night in submarine light. Humid and motionless and time in between in absence of the noise of wheels and children and shuddering plates of the earth noise. Slurred drunken jazz swayed words were whispering out of my hollow eyes like upside down illusions or right side up secrets. Tentatively tunnel lights fluttered like moth wings or imitation stars. Seventy hours later, or less, in one smooth move I rose to my feet soles and swallowed the dream itself.

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reVerb Rundown: The Wandering Lake

The Wandering Lake - Laughing Friend (click the link to listen)

The never-ending road trip and the laughing friends that aren't your friends. The wandering lake that showed up like the unexpected guest at every out the car window look about. "Laughing Friend" is one of 6 road trips on Ashame by Arkansas' always comforting The Wandering Lake, shared with me by Stadiums and Shrines.

I rolled over onto my stomach and squinted at the view out the east-side window. A glassy haze rippled up from the fires in the bushes and on the picnic grills and the heat on the road from itching tires and foot escapes, through the curtain of foggy water haze I could make out a smudgy skyline of factory stacks and bridges and the wandering lake. Three times successively unsuccessfully I blinked hard like closing steel gates to try and get the sky smudges to go away. Silver fishes that looked like silver hair jumped from the wandering lake. And when they couldn't fly I felt overstuffed and dull and disappointed. He wouldn't slow down on the gas to let me watch. We passed people and flying trees flying through my moving view, and the people all had puffy and bruised faces in all the wrong colors, and the lake that was being scribbled on by hectic little fish kept moving. Small children of various sizes and paleness wobbled along the shadow of the flat lake like religious followers. I rolled onto my back and buckled the three seat buckles around me - the chest, the stomach, the ankles. I decided to watch the sorry cotton coated car ceiling because it wouldn't wander and because I didn't want to figure out where we were, because I couldn't, because it all looked the same with the smudgy skies and pale child footsteps and trees. 

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PORTALS LA Traveling Showcase

Traveling Showcase #3: PORTALS LA 

The DIT (do it together) music blog PORTALS is hosting an outdoor party at Space 15 Twenty on Saturday June 2nd in the courtyard with 10 PORTALS adored artists.

With a debut live set from Mister Lies, a TV Girl performance just after the release of their full-length record, Slow Magic's first ever LA gig, and performances by 7 others who have made So Cal music noteworthy, the day in California sun isn't to be missed. In true LA fashion, there will be a taco cookout, liquid comfort, and a showering of PORTALS merch and giveaways. 

Come make PORTALS LA yours. 

PORTALS LA :: June 2nd 2012 :: 2-10 PM :: Space 15 Twenty, 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028



In The Sun: TV Girl, Dreams, Mister Lies, Slow Magic, Honeydrip, StaG, Caves & Eliot, Mirror Lady, Different Sleep, and Tuesday Glass.

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reVerb Rundown: Rare Species

Rare Species - Get Away (click the link to listen)

A gulped pill kid coma, where every prom song is a slow dance, and every kiss doesn't matter. It's all a get away from nowhere, so say the rare species of teenage. More from the Rare Species of Austin Texas here, but listen to this one loud.

It was time for the slow dance, but all the kids had already gulped all the pills. Their jaws opened like clockwork to the particularly fogged in sound of popping balloons and crushing soda pop cans filled with alien colored non-pop. The colors of the circular prom-hall were diamond and dark. The slow dance music didn't know. So it played on. And the kids knees bruised each other as their arms and elbows coiled around and around like doll limbs. The circular prom-hall was smoke filled with residue lung smoke. The fire alarm went spinning and ringing and spinning. But the kids stayed in. All they could hear was the popping balloons, crushing soda pop cans of alien colored non-pop, smacking lips, and crashing wrists.

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reVerb Rundown: J Biscuits

J Biscuits - Adventure til you Drop (click the link to listen)

Rusting jazz, crumbling jazz, aged jazz decades and seconds and weeks aged. The jazz was endless, and too tired to be ended. "Adventure til you Drop" by Brighton UK's J Biscuits is one of many roaming the streets here

Jazz crumbled down the streets with woozy vertigo hurried amnesia. Like a tired automobile with collision longings. The jazz drove like metal pieced with adhesive, for decades and seconds and long weeks, scribbling its rusted crumblings over city roads and jungle streets. The jazz was endless and endlessly longed not to be.

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reVerb Rundown: Honeydrip

Honeydrip - Dull Tydes Bring Us All Down Sometimes (click the link to listen)

“Dull Tydes Bring Us All Down Sometimes” is one of seven tracks on Generation Y Not. Generation Y Not is a compilation of seven young LA based musicians (Honeydrip included) that is being released tomorrow digitally via Absent Fever and on 1,000 free CD’s via JAXART Records.

Seduced by the dirty-minded, spoiled, cynical animals. The dirty-doers that seduced us past any slept-with sort of seduction. It was a seduction like a childhood sweetheart - though we were trying too hard to be all but childlike. The friendless friends and the backs of the cars that bragged ironic maturity. We were a miserable crew with black and blue backs of eyes and knuckle alps, with a sex induced drowsiness, and half-dark politics. Mouths pale and poisoned, talkative enough to soon be the seducers ourselves. Surely we were to blame, but wouldn’t want it any other way.

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reVerb Rundown: Blithe Field

Blithe Field - In The Moonlight (click the link to listen)

In the moonlight I'm nearly as blind as it all. "In The Moonlight" is the second of ten gems on Blithe Field's upcoming Warm Blood. The ten finger laced songs are available for pre-order via Messy Life Records.

I hesitated, I felt my eyes, I blushed, I stood over the blind inanimate things, why am I lucky? These things, they make up everything, impressions, and sallow yellow comfort or hollow white discomfort, they're dustpans just like I am, only blinder. I didn't say a thing, I didn't have to, it was completely dark, that's why I didn't have to. But in the moonlight - well, what happens then? Well, then I'm nearly as blind as everything. I dashed the water from my eyes.

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reVerb Rundown: Steam Orkestre

Steam Orkestre - 4 (click the link to listen)

The train the trains that screamed by housing screamers and wandering nobodies. The steam orkestre of the steam engine. Steam Orkestre is a Chicago experimentalist project with a 5-track cassette for your ears available here

A muddy train who wandered around and around the mid-dark railway yard sweating accidents and deceased ticket-men. Whose train-car connectors went whining over responsibility. Whose whistle blamed wind for a venom sounding call to the on edge passenger men who awaited it's morning lament. Rail-car houses were filled like orphanages for platonic conversationalists and fire escaper risk takers. Whose most daring moving room was the liquor lounge where liquor was used as some sleeping medication for the wandering nobodies. The train sank in some biblical looking rain, like some submarine with wheels that screamed like a cemetery child. The teeth of the train chattered and chattered and chattered and vanished wondering where to go.

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