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Todd Hido's A Road Divided

"The initial stunning impact of the deserts and California is gone, and yet, to be fair, is there anything more beautiful in the world? it seems unlikely..." Jean Baudrillard

It's raining in Todd Hido's America. The fog is thick and the windshield of his car, from where these photographs have been shoot, is wet. The fog, the rain and the snow become a veil through which we witness Hido's impressionistic world. The landscapes are dream-like- isolated, quiet, dark. Revealed in muted, large-format color-prints, there is a calm about the impermissible weather conditions, the split trees and the snow-covered driveways. Epic and romantic, we are pulled into this world...

A limited number of signed copies of Todd Hido's "A Road Divided" are now available at Hennessey and Ingalls. The book is published by Nazraeli Press, a small art book publishing house based out of Portland. Nazraeli's book's are unique, emphasizing a delicate balance between book and object and a collaboration between publisher and artist.

Todd Hido is a California based artist and photographer. Past projects, large-scale color photographs have explored suburbia and isolation. Visit Rose Gallery in Santa Monica or to view a selection of his work.


Lauren Steinberg is a photographer and writer. Follow her at

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