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What's Happening: Crystal Chaos: A Coming Home with Adina Mills

Crystal Chaos:  A Coming Home with Adina Mills

Join us in welcoming Adina Mills to the Pangaea pop-up and back to her home city!  There will be tunes, drinks and crystal talks!

Wednesday, December 19th 6-9 pm

Pangaea Pop-up Shop at Space 15 Twenty

Born and raised in the sunny village of Los Angeles, Adina Mills is a proud native to L.A.  Although art has always coursed through her veins, it has been within the last ten years that Adina has truly developed a unique style.  This 'urban meets organic' genre of hers is constantly being shaped by her evolving relationships with nature and with the underground art communities of various urban cities.  As a result, Adina has brought together luminous and raw precious stones and minerals, found objects, sculpture,spray paint, and an imaginative spirit to create innovative and eye-catching wearable art.  Adina believes that life is about creating spaces for oneself that encourage freedom and self-definition.  Adina infuses her passion for defying boundaries into her art and this has led her to create something new and fresh.  Her avant garde designs are funky yet sophisticated and they transgress the limits of art while encouraging their wearers to redefine beauty and freedom for themselves.

For the past two years Adina has been traveling the states in her motorhome, where she collects and creates all of her pieces on the road in various natural settings.  There is no rock, branch, seashell, or acorn, that Adina cannot turn into wearable art!

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Jan 31 2015 11:00AM-01:30PM
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